Tampons are not “luxury” items: Why this campaign says the period tax must end

“Some old white guy once said that the only two guarantees in life are death and taxes. That may be true for old white guys, but for a different segment of the population, the other guarantee is getting your period (probably while you’re wearing your favorite white pants). While not everyone woman gets a period, enough of them do that there is no good reason (other than The Patriarchy) that period products like tampons and pads should be taxed as non-essential items.

A new campaign started today is working to change this inequity. Leading the charge are Lola, an all-natural period-product subscription service, and Period Equity, the lawyers who launched the original fight in the U.S. against the tampon tax in 2015 and successfully pressured New York State to remove it. The new campaign has one goal: Tax-free periods across the nation by Tax Day 2020.”

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