Lola and Period Equity Launch Campaign to Dismantle the Tampon Tax Nationwide

“For so many people, menstrual products are a necessity. Still, many states tax tampons and other menstrual products as a luxury item, jacking up the prices on what can already be expensive commodities. Some states have passed legislation removing that tax, but as of June 2019, 35 states still charge a luxury tax on the products we put up our vaginas.

That's why on June 11 the founders of LOLA, Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman, and Period Equity, Jennifer Weiss-Wolf and Laura Strausfeld, are teaming up to launch a national campaign to end the tax on menstrual products known as the tampon tax. The campaign, called Tax Free. Period., will rally supporters like Serena Williams and Karlie Kloss to let the public know why taxing menstrual products is discriminatory, and empower people to do their own advocacy work on the issue. Through an educational campaign, a hackathon, and later legal action, Tax Free. Period. is hoping to get the public and legislators thinking about the tampon tax.”

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