Chainsaws, Pixy Stix and other unnecessary items that are tax exempt, while tampons aren't

“For the activists of America's growing menstrual movement, this so-called "pink tax" has become a rallying cry. It's not that it's a luxury tax or a special tax that's applied only to these products; it is simply a regular sales tax that is applied to all products deemed non-necessities. But if half the population gets a period every month, then shouldn't the products we use to manage that biological function be considered necessities?

Weiss-Wolf, an attorney at the Brennan Center for Justice, thinks that they should. And for the past several years, as she traveled the country doing tampon tax advocacy, she also undertook the tedious endeavor of studying the full sales tax code for every state so that she could identify the most egregious examples of cases in which America has deemed items "necessities" that are far less necessary than tampons.”

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